Five Ways To Whiter Teeth

With age, teeth tend to yellow. This is no different than if your hair go gray or with a few wrinkles begin to appear. It is therefore logical that, with whiter teeth make you look younger.

Interestingly, there was also a study at Columbia University in 2008 does show that women with healthy looking teeth actually earned more money than usual after whiter teeth increased beauty, you will not be published younger, increase confidence and self esteem … What are you waiting for?

Is the fundamental problem with the teeth they are porous, meaning they will eat and drink, absorbing pigments, and stains the teeth over time. It occurs in the human diet for these inevitable and yellowing of the kind of place.

Tooth whitening of each variety used with hydrogen peroxide bleaching, teeth whitening by dissolving surface stains. The pigments that were added over the years are lightened with bleach. People should keep in mind that if an implant does not penetrate more like a veneer or crown, bleaching, so it does not work on the tooth. See your dentist about it, because all the other teeth whitening can leave a gap.

Here are five ways to lighten your teeth:

First go to a professional – money laundering, the use of dentists who are 3 to 5 times stronger than the versions at home. You will see results faster than themselves. Dentists offer methods of money power, in which the gums are protected against the liquid with your teeth then receives the material bleach. Light will then occur on the teeth to speed up the process, and in an hour, significantly lightening. The cost is about $ 400-700.

Second dental trays at home – your dentist will be personalized with a tray, like a cage. Then fill the tray with bleaching gel and wear it every day at home. Results last from several days to several months and costs 200 to $ 400.

3rd Baking soda – There are several toothpastes with baking soda as an ingredient. Baking powder polishes the tooth surface and light-colored with a chemical reaction. Just be careful not to do, so a week, since the compound is not completely safe enamel.

4th Dark Lipstick / Clothing – An indirect way to white teeth, red lipstick and dark clothing, blue base is red and pink to wear. Unfortunately, dressed in yellow, brown, orange, yellow really make the worse appear in the teeth.

Avoid drinks fifth coloring – beverages such as cola, black tea and red wine can yellow teeth over time and should be avoided wherever possible.

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